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 Wind Power
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 With its superior performance, J506 - our The wind power with woven glass fiber, passed the wind power industry authority - the Germanischer Lloyd GL certification. J506 is designed for weaving and design, with superior process performance for a variety of crafts, epoxy resin impregnated with excellent performance and final state bonding strength, fatigue strength, the product surface with excellent results.

Our company can produce various specifications of multi-axial composite fabric, according to customer requirements designed to enhance the effect of freedom in all directions, with epoxy, vinyl, polyester resin, a good combination of performance, well attached to the model, combined with the strength of the final state good, good fatigue resistance, good product surface effect.

Wind power is an important form of wind energy, wind energy is a renewable, non-polluting, energy, broad prospects for energy, develop clean energy is a strategic choice of the world. The wind power technology and equipment is an important part of the wind power industry, but also the basis for the development of wind power industry and guarantee the end of 2010, according to statistics of China's wind power installed capacity ranks first in the world. 

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